DoodleBorg the 3 Horsepower Raspberry Pi Robot

Saturday, 7 April 2018 - Written by admin

DoodleBorg is a 6 wheel rover robot we built to show the power capability of the PiBorg motor controller.

Brains controlled by a Raspberry Pi
Controller: Originally motors powered by 6x PicoBorg reverse controllers
Controller: Now powered by 3x PicoBorg Diablo controllers
Batteries: 1-2 x 12 V DC (10 Ah each)
Motors: 6 x 350 W high torque motors
Chassis: 6 mm thick laser cut steel
Sides: Perspex cut by Phenoptix
Power: Approx 3 hp (2.1 KW)
Size: Approx 30 inches long (76 cm), 27 inches wide (69 cm), 15 inches tall (38 cm)
Weight: Approx 143 lb (65 Kg)
Other: 4 x emergency power off switches controlling power relays

More information about the DoodleBorg:

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