CentOS 7 LAMP Server – Apache, PHP And MySQL

Monday, 8 January 2018 - Written by admin

Once CentOS minimal OS is installed…

Installing Nano (Editor)

Installing MySQL 5

Installing Apache2

If Firewall-cmd is installed and enabled

Installing PHP5

Testing PHP5 and getting Details About Your PHP5 Installation

Insert following code:

Install PHP5 modules

Getting MySQL Support In PHP5

Install most common PHP modules:

If you need to find other php modules:

Restart Apache2

phpMyAdmin installation

EPEL-7 repo to install latest phpMyAdmin

yum install phpMyAdmin

Modify config file like this:

Change the authentication in phpMyAdmin from cookie to http:

Restart Apache:

If needed, install developement Tools

Install locate command:

Install ifconfig:

Done… The CentOS 7 LAMP server is ready.

If you want to install LUA, you can go to this post who explain how to install LUA.

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